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Designed by Temple Outdoor Design & Living.

Constructed by Contemporary Landscaping.

2022 Landscape Queensland Winner - Residential Independent Professional Design

2022 Landscape Queensland Finalist - Residential 5

Our clients brief detailed the wish for a new concrete pool, new alfresco area, materials and stylings that balanced the heritages of our clients (Italy & Japan), new fly over roof to expand coverage over the alfresco area, address the existing grade of the land & deliver a useable space for entertaining and update all associated fencing.

The pool features a beach area, in-pool bench seating with three low bowl spill-over water features into the pool. Each bowl is lit via submersible lights. Sitting on and surrounded by an Italian travertine tile.

Overall, we met our objectives and delivered to our clients a multi-level entertaining space, beautiful water views and the opportunity to create long lasting happy memories in their own backyard.

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